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Our Termite Inspection Service

Our termite management Technicians use their professional and training experience to undertake a comprehensive termite inspection of your home or business premises. Our inspections:

We use local knowledge - Where your home is located is unique: there is no place like home. All pest and termite eradication termite inspections are carried out by Pest management technicians who not only have on-the-ground experience, but who train continually with in-depth local expertise, so they will always know what is going on in your area. We use the latest technology and the backing of a company which is here for the long-term.

We provide a comprehensive report - A full written report is provided to you at the completion of our termite inspections. All pest and termite eradication Technicians will draw upon their expertise in your area: from the seasons to the surroundings; from the dwelling types to the weather conditions. After a comprehensive termite inspection of your entire building, inside and out, they will provide you with clear recommendations on the termite protections need for your individual situation.

You are covered by the All pest and termite eradication Warranty – You need peace of mind that your home or business is protected from termite ingress and properly inspected. Our Termite Warranty covers our inspection and treatment and offers long-term reassurance against the threat of termites. Ring us today to Find out how you can be eligible.

Our inspection equipment:

  • Termatrac– non-invasive device that uses radar technology to allow the detection and tracking of termites through plasterboard, brick, concrete and other common building materials.
  • Bore n Scope– allows us to see inside wall cavities where termites could be lurking
  • Thermal Imaging Camera - Thermal Imaging Cameras are able to identify areas heavily affected by subterranean termite species through variations in surface temperature.
  • Moisture Meter – moisture is another indicator of termite infestation since termites are almost 100% moisture so this tool can be useful for detection.

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Queensland Health Pest management Technician Licence PMT-O-12670

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