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Pre purchase building reports: investing in a building and pest inspection on a home that you are considering purchasing will ensure that you do not over pay initially but also that you do not have to deal with any costly problems in future

Timber Pest reports: as well as reporting on timber pests, termites and borers we can eradicate and prevent termite and timber pest damage just as well.

Pre-Sale building and pest reports: before you place your home on the market, it is good practice to have a building and pest report to provide purchasers with so that they are fully informed what they are buying and know the reasonable price of the property is.

Handover reports: these building reports are available when your builder has just finished your home and you wish to be appeased that it has been to not only built to the Australian Standards but also your own standards.

Pool safety inspections and certificates; New governments laws require all pools to the registered and have a current pool safety certificate in place before they are sold or leased.

Asbestos Audits and registers; Asbestos registers are needed by Government legislation for all properties built before December 31 of the year 1989. This is to ensure that the location of asbestos containing materials is known and that  asbestos containing materials management plan is in place.

Commercial building inspections requirements are also catered for; It is not worth purchasing a structure that ends up costing to fix afterwards – a commercial property inspection makes sure our investment is safe.

Our Licences

  1. QBCC Builder - Termite Management – Chemical Number 1048753
  2. QBCC Completed -Termite Management - Physical Number 1048753
  3. Queensland Health Pest management Technician Licence PMT-O-12670

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